Planning to study abroad in Australia/America/Britain/Canada?

Getting a high IELTS/TOEFL score is only the start of your English journey – it is vital that you have the ability to communicate with university professors, fellow students and members of the public in high quality clear English. Many non-native speakers of English may find it difficult to have an in-depth conversation in the language, often finding they have to repeat what they say to be understood. This isn’t because of the level of their English, but rather due to their strong accent which can at times limit intelligibility.

And so daily life at university and integration becomes limited, where non-native speakers of English will prefer and find it easier to spend time together with their own countryfolk. There is nothing wrong with socialising with people from your own country when studying internationally, but at the same time you should make the most of your time abroad and mingle with a variety of people of different backgrounds. Limiting your self will most certainly have an impact on your education and social life.

When you can speak English with a clear accent, you’ll notice numerous benefits:

• The ability to speak with your university professors in detail. And so if you have any questions or require further explanation on a topic, you can spend the necessary time with them and communicate your points across clearly. This is vital for learning new concepts, coursework, revision and exam preparation.

• Talking to your fellow students confidently, this can include group work exercises during lectures as well as delivering a talk or presentation in front of the whole class. Further, you can enjoy your time outside of lectures by socialising with your classmates. This may include having lunch together as well as going out in the evenings (Restaurants, Cinema, Bowling etc.). Essentially you are not limiting your group of friends to only speakers of your native tongue.

• The ability to talk to locals – whether it’s your weekly grocery shopping, or you fancy travelling to a different city to visit a museum or theme park; you can do so confidently knowing that you are able to talk to and enjoy conversation with local speakers with ease. This will add to your cultural enrichment over the years and allow you to make the most of your time abroad.

These are just some of the benefits – as you can imagine, speaking clear English really opens up a world of opportunities.

So the services we offer as an English accent academy are as follows:

1. Accent Assessment – We assess your unique English accent. Everyone will speak English in a unique way depending upon their exposure to the language, how long they have been learning and how often they speak it. We send you the assessment materials, you then make an audio recording of them and send it back to us. Our tutors will then mark and give you detailed feedback on the strengths, weaknesses and unique characteristics of you accent. Our tutors will advise you on how to improve your accent to speak in a clearer manner, as well as advising you on what units you would benefit from by studying our self-study course.

2. Self-Study Course – After you have received your accent assessment results you can choose to enrol on our self-study course. The units you select from the course will vary depending on the results of your assessment. These units contain a variety of learning materials and exercises for you to practice in your spare time – all units will be accompanied with audio from a native speaker. The units can be studied on your PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone etc.

3. One-to-One Tuition – Having studied the self-study units you will notice significant improvements in your accent, with the majority of students by this stage able to confidently converse with native English speakers in clear English. If you desire to further refine and take your accent to native level, you can choose to take lessons with our native English tutors. Our tutors will work with you on the subtle and fine details of your accent, with the aim of teaching and helping you to master the formal British accent. Lessons will be taken on our online learning platform, and you can either take audio (voice) or video lessons (depending on what you’re most comfortable with). Again lessons can be taken on your PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone etc.

International students spend tens of thousands of pounds each year on: University Fees, Travel, Accommodation, Utility Bills, Groceries, Shopping, Socialising etc. They spend 3 to 4 years studying abroad full time – surely something as important as communication shouldn’t be neglected and overlooked?

Take advantage of your time abroad and make the most of the opportunity! Ensure your English accent doesn’t hold you back from communicating clearly and confidently! With just 1 to 2 months of study you can dramatically improve your accent!

Do take a look at our website now to learn more: www.mybritishaccent.co.uk

Note: Even though we are a British company who specialise in teaching the British accent, our focus is on speaking English with a CLEAR ACCENT. And so on top of those wishing to study in Britain, students who intend to study in Australia, America or Canada will also significantly benefit from our services. This is quite simply because the formal British English accent is known for its clear and intelligible speech, it is understood by all English speaking countries with ease.