My British Accent Wooden 16 GB USB 3.0 Drive


A quality USB drive that allows you to store the self-study units (each unit is approximately 0.5 GB) and other learning resources (lesson notes, tutor feedback, practice exercises, documentaries, movies, audiobooks etc) in one place. It allows one to study from home on the computer, on the go on their laptop, and even on their smartphone or tablet with a USB OTG adapter.

The USB drive is made from beautiful dark wood; it is elegant, smart and straight cut with a beautiful smooth finish. The cap of the USB drive is held securely by small magnets.

The USB drive comes in a perfect complementary dark wood sliding box. The slide box displays traditional craftsmanship, it is fashioned with a magnetic lid and a removable wooden wool interior guarantees a luxurious finish. A chic, high-quality, neat and stylish companion to keep all of your British accent learning resources in one place.

If you intend to purchase any of our units at the same time as this product; we can load them onto the drive before dispatching it to you.